Audi Vs. Mercedes – Which Luxury Car Is Right For You?

In the Battle Royale for luxury car supremacy, the conversation has traditionally surrounded Mercedes-Benz and BMW, two juggernauts of German engineering that consistently, and to this day, produce some of the finest cars out there. But in the last 30 years, another German brand has begun to enter the conversation. Considered through much of the 1980s to be a “grandfatherly”, reliable kind of car, Audi didn’t start to shift its market upscale until around the 90s, when it really started to find its groove within the competitive luxury vehicle market formerly dominated by those two aforementioned titans.

Bumping its engine power up to include V6 and V8 engines, and rejigging the body styles to be more contemporary and sleek, Audi had a firm foothold in the luxury market, and to this day some of the most popular used luxury cars in Toronto are Audis, prized for their safety, handling and relative affordability. With that in mind, we thought it would be useful to do a side-by-side comparison of Audi and Mercedes (leaving out, for the time being, BMW), which each have their undeniable selling points.

First up, let’s talk about performance. As any car lover knows, performance is going to vary widely across models, so all we can do is give a cursory overview of how each make performs. Mercedes’ luxury S-Class is in a league of its own, with superior engine performance and impeccable construction, but Audi’s A8 (arguably the S-class’ equivalent) is no slacker either, with its high-tech approach earning rave reviews across the internet. They each make SUVs of varying size (midsize, compact and subcompact) and they all perform well, but in most categories the power edge goes to Mercedes (slightly), with the notable exception of the Audi Q7. As for smaller cars, you really can’t beat the A3, A4 and A5 in terms of performance, with satisfying handling, great acceleration and surprising fuel economy.

In short, where performance is concerned, it’s a very close race – maybe too close to call. You can certainly find the perfect used Mercedes or Audi to fit your lifestyle, with just a little bit of research. And, of course, at Village Luxury Cars we make that search easier with market-leading pricing, VIP customer service and worry-free ownership, which includes a promise of clean history as well as an array of comprehensive warranty options. No matter which car you choose, you’re going to be getting a great deal.

As for safety, it’s also a tight race. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the gold standard for car safety testing, listed a number of Audis in its list of top safety picks. It also noted in particular that the Audi A4 was a safety pick plus, indicating a very high level of safety. That means that if you have a family, or are simply looking for a very safe vehicle, and are on the market for a smaller luxury car, a used Audi A4 is the way to go. On the other hand, the Mercedes Benz E-Class, a large luxury car, also nabbed a safety pick plus. Where safety is concerned, its best to consider cars on a case-by-case basis, doing some light research beforehand on the model of your choosing.

Finally, there’s the matter of price. Again, this is heavily dependent on the models you choose, but, on balance, Audi is the more cost-effective option, with Mercedes’ availing itself of its luxury status in the prices it sets. That’s not to say that you don’t get a great value with Mercedes-Benz’s (you absolutely do), but that Audis tend to cost a little less. For two comparable car companies, there are a few slight differences between them, though, as the end of the day, you’re going to be happy driving either one.

How To Improve Your Credit And Secure Your Dream Car

Despite prevailing assumptions, it’s still entirely possible for someone with bad credit to drive off a car lot in their very own luxury car. It will take some shrewd planning – starting with finding the right used luxury car dealer, and then taking steps towards building credit and using existing equity – but it’s certainly doable.

As an obvious first step, visit us here at Village Luxury Cars to start some preliminary talks about the nature of your credit, the type of car you’re aspiring to own, as well as other financial minutiae; offering market-leading pricing and programs tailored to any credit situation, we’re your finest option for owning a luxury vehicle. In the meantime, here are a few ways that you can improve your credit and use your existing equity to ensure that you get behind the wheel of your dream car.

Save For A Larger Down Payment

Obviously a great way to offset the interest and fees associated with a car loan is to save for a larger down payment. This might require you selling other things you own which are no longer of useful value, or it might simply mean squirreling away a set amount of money each month for a year or two. If you have a loved one from whom you can borrow money, one who’s willing to give you a better interest rate (or no interest rate at all), you could go that route, though for many this isn’t an option. Think of it as an investment in the coming years: the more you can save for a down payment, the less your monthly payments will be, freeing up cash flow for other purposes.

Add Positive Credit To Your Credit Card

Reducing your balance and making continued payments to your credit cards in order to keep them low is one of the standard ways of achieving good credit. But it can be easier said than done. If you have multiple cards with high balances, it could be a smart move to consolidate your debts to a single line of credit. If you are able to pay down debts on a card, keep that card open and make small transactions with it, being sure to immediately pay those off – the longevity of the card, coupled with continued, quick payments will go a long way towards repairing your credit score.

Village Financing Options

Of course, here at Village Luxury Cars we’ll assess your credit situation, help you decipher your credit report and help you finance a used luxury car within your budget, one that you can be immensely proud to drive. And if financing and auto loans aren’t the way you want to go, our talented team in the finance department can work out a lease program with you.

Trade In Options

Finally, if you have a car already, we offer top dollar on trade in options , using cutting edge software to determine the highest market value for your vehicle trade in. If the car is paid off, the entire value of the vehicle will be trade equity (if not, we’ll help you determine the equity) and can be very helpful in securing you a loan on your new used luxury car. If you want to get a head start on determining the value of your current vehicle, you can visit our site, or head over to the Canadian Black Book site.

The main takeaway from this article is that, despite your credit situation, we at Village Luxury Cars are determined to find you a loan that will work for you. Everyone should have the opportunity to feel the cool wind through their open window as they drive down the highway in their dream car – we’re here to make that happen.

4 Ways Used Cars Outshine New Ones

Buying a car is an event. It’s one that comes along, on average, only once every six or seven years – less frequently, even, than the Olympics – so it’s no wonder that people take the event seriously. And one of the key considerations that people are faced with, aside from choosing a make and model, is whether to buy their vehicle new or used. Certainly, there are some who are firmly in the “new” camp, and will cite the pleasure of driving a hot-off-the-line vehicle as justification enough, but those people likely haven’t driven the right used cars.

At Village Luxury Cars, we don’t just “safety” a vehicle and put it on display; each of our luxury used cars goes through a safety inspection as well as a full reconditioning, including interior and exterior detailing, cleaning and servicing to factory specs. It’s essentially the closest a car can come to hot-off-the-line without bearing that enormous price tag that accompanies new cars. So the matter is settled, then? Used cars like the kind we sell are better than new ones? Well, yes, that could settle the matter alone, but let’s also look at four more ways that used cars outshine their new counterparts.

Slower Depreciation

Depreciation works like this: you see a steep decline in value at first, and then the rate of depreciation slows down. When you buy a used car, you catch the depreciation in that ideal, slow period, meaning that if you wanted to sell it at some point in the future, you’d make back a much better percentage of the cost than the new car owner would. Viewing car ownership as an investment as well as a convenience (which you should), used cars have the clear advantage here.

Greater Selection Of Vehicles

Not every year is a banner year for vehicles. Some years a car manufacturer will include certain features, and other years it won’t. If you want access to the fuller breadth of what’s possible in a vehicle, you can’t tie yourself down to what is being made this year, and instead should research past years’ models as well. Whereas a new car dealership might have a small selection of vehicles, at Village Luxury Cars we have a huge selection of used cars to offer, with models to fit every lifestyle and budget.

Less Expensive, But Just As Good

Obviously, this is the main reason people love buying used cars: they are less expensive. Often, people therefore assume that the drop in price corresponds to a drop in quality, but it doesn’t; a used luxury car, especially one that has been put through our rigorous reconditioning, will perform just as well a new car. If you’re still skeptical, give us a call and book a test drive. Kick the tires and inspect the carpeting. See how it handles. You’d be hard-pressed to tell it from a new car.

Lower Insurance Cost

Of course, with the lower cost of the vehicle comes a lower cost of insurance, which is the other main cost associated with car ownership. And the difference in monthly insurance costs adds up over time, trust us. If you want a luxury car, but you don’t want to pay a premium for insurance, go for a used vehicle, and use that free cash flow elsewhere.

It’s enough to say that, at Village Luxury Cars, we offer used vehicles that have been reconditioned to drive like new, for market leading prices. But in case you’re still unsure, we hope these four points will help convince you that, when the time comes to get behind the wheel of a new luxury car, you’ll drive past the new car dealership and onto our lot.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Buying A Luxury Vehicle

Buying a car is unlike most other purchases in that it requires some forethought, research, self-assessment, and (oftentimes) help from financial services in order to complete properly. It can all feel like a rush of events: you become enamored with a car and then you go through the motions to obtain it. It should be a fairly sectioned sequence of events, though, with proper thought and care given to each step – this ensures that you’re paying the correct monthly payments for your lifestyle, and that you are driving the best possible car you can afford. To that end, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide (by no means exhaustive, but certainly helpful) to buying a used luxury car.

Assessing Your Finances
Whether this is your first car, or your 21st car, you need to start by taking a good long look at your finances. It’s not as though bad credit or a lack of down payment funds should stop you from pursuing your dream luxury car – at Village Luxury Cars our finance professionals will help you secure a great loan (more on that later) – but setting some honest parameters upfront might help you with further decisions.

There is no single car that is perfect for everyone, and part of the process of buying a used luxury car is setting your personal priorities. Do you value speed and sleekness? Safety and dependability? Spaciousness? Mileage? There are no right or wrong answers here, only personal preferences, and it might benefit you to write down, in descending order, a list of qualities you want to see in your car.

Test Drive
Next is the meet-and-greet, so to speak – the moment when you find out if the car you’ve chosen “clicks” with you. Luckily, we make this step of the process dead simple, as you can either come meet our team in Unionville for the test drive, or we can bring the car to you for a mobile test drive. When you are taking the car around, take note of how it handles – how it brakes, turns, accelerates, etc. – as well as whether the interior features fit your personal needs, in terms of spaciousness and technological capability. The vehicles we offer are all of stellar quality, so this should be more of a formality, but it’s certainly an important thing to do, in order to get exactly the car you want.

At Village Luxury Cars, we take a lot of pride in how flexible, superior and affordable our available financial services are, and our finance experts will work with you to get a great loan regardless of credit or financial standing. We always aim for the absolute lowest interest rate possible for a loan, so you know that you’re getting the best car for the best deal. This is a key step in the car-buying process, and it needs to be handled with the utmost professionalism and openness, two things that we at Village Luxury Cars take very seriously.

A lot of people don’t know that they can buy used car extended warranty, but they absolutely can, and, in fact, it’s recommended. You don’t want to get caught paying for out-of-warranty repairs on your used luxury car – talk to us about an extended warranty for your vehicle, and add peace of mind to your new purchase.

Some parting words that we’ll finish this post with are these: you can probably afford a better car than you imagine you can. With some self-assessment, some research, and a chat with our knowledgeable representatives and finance experts, you’ll make the process of getting that amazing luxury car so much easier.